Building Products

Bridge expansion joints are designed to permit the longitudinal, vertical movements and small rotation presented on bridge decks due to changes in environmental condition, live loads, and physical changes on the structural materials such as creep and shrinkage.
SEM expansion joints designed to fill the joints and gaps with their perfect ability to absorb expansion movements up to 800 mm.
The high quality rubber and the special design guarantee a long-time resistance to oils, fuel, U.V. radiation, ozone and many other chemicals. Arsan designed and developed SEM expansion joints with an engineering software.
The selection of the type of expansion joint for a specific project is commonly determined by the maximum joint opening.

Basic Advantages

⦁ SEM Expansion joints can easily be installed by using anchor bolts which are made of steel.
⦁ All the inner metal laminations and the installation anchors are specially treated against corrosion.
⦁ By the good designed surface these joints provide good driving comfort without any noise and shock.
⦁ SEM Expansion joints are entirely waterproof, the steel which embedded in rubber is protected against athmospheric agents.

Test and Quality

SEM Expansion joints and all other technical products are manufactured with high quality standards and controlled (tested) in accordance with the international specifications. The main components, rubber and steel inside the product fulfill the physical and mechanical requirements. We can perform the needed tests in our own laboratory to ensure the best quality and high performance.