Today, elastomeric bearings used in the industry of construction are developed products consisting of sensitive materials. Elastomeric bearings are designed in layers and manufactured in strong pressing machines. They are composed of CR (chloroprene rubber) or NR (natural rubber) according to the required standard and steel plates between these rubber layers.

According to the requirements of projects or the inquiries of our clients we can produce elastromeric bearings in shapes of cylinder, square or rectangular. We design our elastomeric bearings with the latest insights and technical developments in bearing engineering.

Steel components that are in surface contact with external factors are produced as protected against corrosion and, if desired, in line with the additional demands of the customers. The corrosion protection system applied in standard designs is selected based on the environmental classifications in the TS-EN-ISO 12944-2 standard. The quality of metal plates is also determined by the relevant standard or customer requests. These materials, which are stacked on top of each other in the mold, are ensured to grasp each other by the process of high pressure cooking in the press, called vulcanization. Thus, rubber adheres to metal depending on the pressure and pushing power.

Arsan bridge bearings are passed through quality control stages in European standards before and after manufacturing. Land that produces high-quality elastomeric bearings Rubber Inc. in Turkey and has been used safely in more than 25 countries. Elastromeric bearings can be produced in accordance with AASHTO M251, EN 1337, BS 5400, DIN 4141, TS-ISO 6446 and AS 5100-4 standards depending on the wishes of our customers.

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