Arsan is the leading company in the sector in terms of Structural and Seismic Bearings, Expansion Joints, Pipe Seals and Tunnel Segment Seals. Since 1957, Arsan continues to grow with its policy focused on continuous improvement and to work on innovative projects continuously.

Structural bearings include all types of elastomeric bearings, guided and restraint bearings, pot bearings, spherical and cylindrical bearings. All types of structural bearings have CE Certificate.

Elastomeric expansion joint (SEM), single span and modular expansion joints are produced by Arsan for bridges. The type and design of the expansion joint is prepared according to the project requirements.

Tunnel segment gaskets are designed by Arsan engineers and offer excellent water pressure resistance. Various types of pipe gaskets are also provided.

In addition, designing and producing molds, machining and assembly of structural bearings and expansion joints are completed by Arsan.