Arsan Kaucuk produces and develops compounds for it’s customers with 60 years of experience and expertise.
The company contains more than 300 recipes of EPDM, CR, SBR, NR, NBR, CPE, CSM, AEM compounds between hardness 35 ShrA- 95 ShrA. On the other hand, Arsan can develop compounds according to customer requests.

Compound and Production R&D
Arsan Kaucuk makes tests of it’s recipes with 4.5 liter of laboratory mixer inside it’s developed laboratory in accordance with customer requests and spesifications.

Our compounds are controlled and recorded from raw material entry to final product.
R&D and final product tests are also made in our laboratory.

NSF Drinking Water 55±5 ShA
NSF Drinking Water 60±5 ShA
NSF Drinking Water 70±5 ShA
NSF Drinking Water 80±5 ShA
KTW-W270 Drinking Water 70±5 ShA


Mooney viscosity Tests
Rheometer Tests
Humidity tests for fillers
Hardness (Shore A, Shore D, IRHD)
Elongation at break tests
Tear tests
Abrasion tests
Permanent deformation in different temperature tests
Weathering Tests at Different Temperatures
Aging tests in liquids.
Ash tests
Joint tests in gaskets
Tension relaxation tests
Tension relaxation tests in segment gaskets
Impermeability tests in segment gaskets
Adhesion on steel tests
Static and dynamic G modulus and damping tests