Corrugated pipe gaskets from Arsan are produced according to the EN 681-1 standards. The design of the gasket is made by Arsan’s specialized engineers as for each pipes shape and its working conditions.

When the seals are tested at internal and external pressure, they must provide tightness at 0.5 Bar.

Corrugated pipe seals are designed for PE, PP and PVC corrugated pipes in accordance with high standards and are produced with the experience of Arsan Rubber over 60 years.

Arsan corrugated pipe gaskets have been developed to fill the gap between the pipe / muf or pipe / coupler and to prevent water leaks from the outside to the inside or from the inside to the outside.

Protect pipe seals; The body consists of the tongue formed for sealing and lips that increase the strength of the gasket. The body of the gasket should fit tightly in the rib space on the pipe. The tongue, which is the factor in the sealing of the gasket, should be both flexible and resistant to the pressure that will occur inside.