Using Place
Tear drop Pipe Gaskets provides excellent sealing at low pressure pipe and chimney.

Seal design and function
Tear drop Pipe Gaskets are designed for particularly low pressure pipes. However, used also in gaskets for high pressure pipelines. Instant drop-sectional structure of the gasket compression prevents the damage of seal which is buckling.

Cross Section Gasket Selection
To make the correct choice of seal; roughly 1.5 times the distance between the tube and the socket should be provided. For example, if there is a distance of 14 mm between the first tube and the socket; 14x1,5 = 21 mm thick gasket should be used

Technical Specifications
• SBR or EPDM Rubber
• 60±5 Shore A hardness
• According to EN 681-1
• High resistance to ozone

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