Transporting waste water without loss is becoming more and more important today. Water leaks cause waste of clean water, as well as waste water losses, creating environmental pollution and damaging nature.

Knowing that we are producing an important link of the chain in question, we have been serving the rubber industry since 1957 and producing rubber seals used in pressure and non-pressure pipes.

Making production according to customer demands and requirements, Arsan has riveted its quality with the certificates it has received from domestic and international for its products.

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link"

Let's protect our environment and our future by using sealing products in accordance with the standards.

By Arsan;

  • Concrete Pipe Gaskets,
  • GRP Pipe Gaskets,
  • Corrugated Pipe Seals,
  • Cast Iron Pipe Gasket
  • Pipe Repair Seal Profiles

are produced.