• ARSAN Kauçuk considers human as the most valuable asset in all of its activities, and adopts as its primary business goal to create a safer and healthier working environment, minimizing all kinds of losses and continuously improving them. In the direction of all these objectives. We accept and commit;

    • To comply with legal and other related conditions
    • To create healty, safe and ergonomic work environment
    • Identify the all possible OHS risks and opportunities to continuously improve them
    • To minimize all work incidents and occupational diseases
    • İş sağlığı ve güvenliği bilincinin ve kültürünün oluşturulması ve geliştirilmesi için eğitim faaliyetlerini düzenlenmeyi,

    We accept and undertake.

Kamil Berat  ÖZTİMUR / Chairman of Board