Arsan engineering department designs the structural and seismic bearings according to project requirements and specifications. Technical support for the project is provided by qualified Arsan engineer.

Dizayn ettiğimiz ürünler arasında:

  • Elastomer Bearings
  • Pot Bearings
  • Spherical Bearings
  • Lead Rubber Bearings
  • Special Bearings (Uplift Bearings, Guide Bearings and Restraint Bearings)

The standards we use most in bearing designs are;

  • EN 1337-3 Elastomeric Bearings
  • EN 15129 Seismic Bearings
  • BS 5400 Part 9 Bridge Bearings
  • TEC 2016 Turkish Earthquake Code
  • ASCE 7-16 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures
  • AASHTO LRFD 2012 Bridge Design Specifications

The following steps are followed in the bearing design;

  • The standard is determined according to the customer's request and the load table containing the following information is sent to us. The following data must be submitted for optimum design.
    • Maximum and Minimum Vertical Loads,
    • Maximum Horizontal Loads,
    • Maximum Rotations,
    • Maximum Displacements,
    • Allowable Average Contact Stresses,
    • Connection Details,
    • Damping Ratio,
    • Response Spectrum Values.
  • Bearing type is selected first.
  • The bearings are optimally designed in accordance with the requirements of the standard on request.
  • Technical drawings are prepared.
  • After approval, manufacturing process starts.