Analysis Process of Segment Gasket

The most suitable types of gaskets are designed according to the technical specifications from customers using programs such as Autocad, NX 8.5 and etc..

In order to meet customer expectations fast and on time, we use simulation programs.After installation of the gasket inside tunnel, analysis are being made with the computer in order to see if they meet the spesifications.Rubbers that are produced by ARSAN, are tested within special laboratories and identified into computer therefore it’s very important to make actual tests.

When segment gaskets are connected to tunnel blocks, sections of the gaskets are displayed using Autocad and NX 8.5 programs.Simulation programs use finite element method. In order to make actual analysis,, the structure has to be seperated to the appropriate element sizes and stabilization adjustments have to be made in accordance with the model.

Once the appropriate stabilization and element dimensions have been set, scenarios are created together with consideration of environmental conditions.After the entry of all the datas, the model that we created is resolved. Although the solution time differs according to the created model, the results are examined in detail after about 15 hours from the solution. 

Arsan segment gaskets are produced for testing after passing the analysis.

In Arsan laboratories, we make tests of tension-relaxation, force displacement and tightness on the prototype gasket. The test results of the prototype product are compared with the test results of the analyzes made in the computer environment. The accuracy of the results is confirmed on the basis of the evaluations made.

Testlerden geçen Arsan Kauçuk segment contası, yapılan test sonuçları ile birlikte müşteriye sunulur. Müşteri onayı alınır ve süreç tamamlanır.