Arsan is a leading manufacturer in Structural and Seismic Bearings, Expansion Joints and various type of Pipe Gaskets and Tunnel Segment Gaskets for infrastructure and building construction sectors.

Arsan continues to develop with its policy focused on continuous improvement since 1957. Research and development department of Arsan works on innovative projects continuously. Arsan’s vision is to be worldwide reliable supplier of structural products. Currently, 60% of total production is exported and 85% of this turnover is generated from Europe. In addition to these European countries, Arsan exports to more than 50 other countries as well.  

Structural bearings include all types of elastomeric bearings, guided and restraint bearings, pot bearings, spherical and cylindrical bearings. All types of structural bearings have CE Certificate.  

Arsan supplies seismic isolation systems for bridges and buildings using lead rubber bearing (CE) and friction pendulum systems. Arsan test laboratory is equipped with to carry out qualification and acceptance tests on structural bearings and seismic isolators. The factory production control tests are carried out in Arsan Factory according to the project requirements specified in the standards or client requests.  

Expansion joints for bridges comprises mat expansion joints, single gap expansion joints, and modular expansion joints. Expansion joint type and design are determined as per project requirements.

Expansion joint type and design are prepared according to project needs.  

Tunnel segment gaskets are designed by Arsan engineers and offer excellent water pressure resistance. Various types of pipe gaskets are also provided.  

Design and drawings of all structural products are prepared by Arsan Engineers. Thus, Arsan is a reliable manufacturer for structural products with its experience, capacity in manufacturing and efficient engineering solutions.

Arsan factory operates in its facility in Ferizli, Sakarya, with a closed area of 35,000 square meters on an area of 60,000 square meters  

Arsan Factory is equipped with various production methods such as extrusion, compression and injection for rubber products.

Rubber compound tests are also performed in Arsan R&D laboratory. Moreover, most tools required to produce rubber products are built in house with metal machining.    

In addition, designing and producing molds, machining and assembly of structural bearings and expansion joints are completed by Arsan.


  • To create customers that are ancillary to our firm.
  • To supply benefits for the company, employees and society.
  • To contribute the Turkish Economy and Employment . 


  • To be one of the most leading compaines which inside and outside makes the production in high-level and also suitable for the standarts around the world .


  • To be able to produce well- trusted products with understanding the quality by focusing on the customer’s demands.
  • Answering to the shareholder’s demans by using the effective sources.
  • To redouble and raise the power of rival business with continuous redevelopment activities.
  • To fulfil the responsibilities agains environment and society.