• Our company ensures the minimization of environmental impacts that may occur from raw material supply within the “Product Life Cycle” principle to the after-sales services stage;;

  • To ensure the detection of hazards and possible risks in our company within the principle of “Risk Based Thinking” in order to provide a clean and safe working environment, to provide the necessary resources for the prevention activities of all kinds of environmental accidents and to prevent these accidents and hazards; support to our customers and suppliers to ensure a clean and safe working environment;

  • Our designed and manufactured rubber and metal products have been adopted in compliance with global and local environmental standards by taking a step forward with their environmental sensitivity. To adopt the principle of continuous improvement by developing new technologies, methods and systems in order to provide more environmentally friendly products to our customers;

  • By creating environments where our internal stakeholders can further advance their knowledge, abilities and personal development, we further increase our environmental efficiency with an environmentally conscious organization;

  • To inform the external stakeholders on the prevention of the factors that have negative impact on the environmental dimensions and which may cause environmental pollution with our competent and highly aware employees and to make them more sensitive to the environment based on the principle of in “Prevention at the Source”;

  • According to global and local laws, regulations, standards, environmental requirements, demands of our customers and changing global and local conditions, it is our policy to periodically review our “Environmental Policy” at meetings every year and update it with realistic approaches.

  • Our “Environmental Policy” is shared with our internal and external stakeholders in terms of understanding and adding value to our company. The up-to-date version of our environmental policy can reach at
    A clean environment, belongs to all our stakeholders..

Kâmil Berat ÖZTİMUR  / Chairman of Board