• To secure information by ensuring the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of all information required in our activities,
  • To ensure the continuous improvement of the compliance and efficiency of the system by complying with the information security management system requirements, national and international legal requirements and regulations.
  • To ensure that all employees contribute to information security by increasing the knowledge and competencies of the employees of the institution.
  • To ensure the protection of information belonging to them and their stakeholders by raising awareness of employees, customers and third parties about information security.
  • Managing the risks and opportunities of our processes for business continuity by ensuring that our organization's basic and supportive business activities continue with minimal interruption
  • To create appropriate physical and electronic environments for the security of information assets and to record security violations and to ensure that violations are detected in a timely manner and to be eliminated by intervening.

Kâmil Berat ÖZTİMUR / Chairman of Board