CE Certified More Info Land in Turkey's first and only 100% LOCAL CE certified
LRB became a manufacturer of earthquake insulators.
100% Local
LRB Production Earthquake Isolator
Reliable Solutions Since
Arsan; an area of 60.000 m² in Sakarya Ferizli
operates in its 35.000 m² closed area facility
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High Quality Structural
For Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway,
Arsan has produced 35,000 Structural Bearings.
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High Quality Arsan Pot
Turkey's highest and largest opening with a balanced cantilever bridge
Arsan Pot Bearings and 8-span modular expansion joints were used. "Botan Bridge"
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High Quality Arsan Tunnel
Arsan carried out 30 different projects in tunnel projects at home and abroad ... More Info

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Arsan ATLAS® Lead Rubber Bearings are designed in accordance with seismic isolation principles.

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