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Structural & Seismic Bearing Design


Arsan engineering department designs the structural and seismic bearings according to project requirements and specifications. Technical support for the project is provided by qualified Arsan engineer.

Product range;

  • Elastomeric Bearings
  • Pot Bearings
  • Spherical Bearings
  • Single Friction Pendulum Bearings
  • Lead Rubber Bearings
  • Special Bearings (Uplift Bearings, Guide Bearings and Restraint Bearings)

Standards commonly used for design;

  • EN 1337-3   Elastomeric Bearings
  • EN 1337-5   Pot Bearings
  • EN 15129   Anti-Seismic Devices
  • BS 5400 Part 9   Bridge Bearings
  • TEC 2016   Turkish Earthquake Code
  • ASCE 7-16   Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures
  • AASHTO LRFD 2012   Bridge Design Specifications

General Design Procedure:

  • Arsan engineering department can design all types of bearing to provide all necessary conditions for project needs using different standard. In order to optimize the bearing design, it is advisable to provide us the following data:
  1. Maximum and Minimum Vertical Loads,
  2. Maximum Horizontal Loads,
  3. Maximum Rotations,
  4. Maximum Displacements,
  5. Allowable Average Contact Stresses,
  6. Connection Details,
  7. Damping Ratio,
  8. Response Spectrum Values.


  • Bearing type is selected first.
  • The bearings are optimally designed in accordance with the requirements of the standard on request.
  • Technical drawings are prepared.
  • After approval, manufacturing process starts.
  • Factor production tests defined in the relevant standard are carried out in our laboratory.