"Precision in rubber since 1957"

Expansion Joint Installation & Maintenance

INSTALLATION AND ALTERATION OF EXPANSION JOINTS Arsan offers solutions with SEM expansion joints for physical changes after the environmental effects, moving loads, yields and shrinkages.With it’s standard and seismic joint types, Arsan has various types

Structural & Seismic Bearing Design

Arsan engineering department designs the structural and seismic bearings according to project requirements and specifications. Technical support for the project is provided by qualified Arsan engineer.

Bridge & Building Bearing Installation and Maintenance

ARSAN, with it’s 60 years of experience, makes the design and the production of Elastomeric, Pot, Spherical and Seismic insulators according to EN and AASHTO standards. In order to find the best solutions for our customers, ARSAN provides installation and

Gasket Design

The most suitable types of gaskets are designed according to the technical specifications from customers using programs such as Autocad, NX 8.5 and etc..


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