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Tunnel Segment Gaskets

    ARSAN Segment Gaskets (ASG) have been brought on by our experienced technical staff who are experts in developing new compounds and products by using high elastomeric technologies. ARSAN Segment Gaskets (ASG) can be easily used in precast concrete, Steel, iron cast and tunnel segments.
    ARSAN Segment Gaskets (ASG) protect segments of getting harmed during ground movements and damp the energy which is emerged. ASG makes the damping thanks to coherence of the compounds used in gaskets.

    • Easy to fit,
    • It provides an effective protection when the segments join.
    • It supplies a protection against ground movements.
    • Has been proven, certified and it is trust worthy.
    • It has a long life, and has resistance against Chemical and micro-biologic factors.
    ARSAN  is a project oriented company, and it produces and designs a wide range of products in accordance with customer demands. ARSAN is sensitive to environment during production and fulfills all its responsibilities.
    While deciding about which ASG to use in tunnels, there are so many factors that Arsan focuses on.
    Hydro-static pressure and groove dimensions are very important and they are the main fundamentals for making design.

    While fitting the segment, there can be gaps and displacemenets betvveen two segment gaskets. İn order to provide water tightness, it is always necessary to take care of these factors.
    The main aim of segment gaskets (gaps and displacements) is to get resistance against hydro-static pressure and provide water tightness even in the worst conditions.