"Precise Connections - since 1957"

Our Policy

Quality Policy

Continuous improvement of our products and processes and adding new values into everything we do ; to meet needs and expectations of
  • our customers via its quality,
  • our shareholders through its productivity,competitive power and realization of goals set,
  • our employees with its work environment and conditions,
  • society by its environmental awareness and its compliance with legislative regulations
  • respective parties by satisfying applicable terms

 Environmental Policy

  • to comply with legislative regulations and other obligations to which we are subject in association with the environment
  • to deliver our commitments to society, customers and any other relevant parties
  • to prevent environmental pollution by following up technological development
  • to conserve natural resources and to ensure most effective utilization
  • to keep potential environmental impacts under control and to reduce such impacts,
  • to minimise wastes at source so far as possible or to recycle the same,
  • to contribute into continuous development by setting goals and objectives towards environment.
  • to provide trainings for our employees on environmental issue, thereby to enhance awareness of environmental responsibility,
  • to communicate with all stakeholders and exchange information when necessary.

 Information Security Policy

ARSAN KAUÇUK PLASTİK MAKİNA SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş, ARSAN KAUÇUK İÇ VE DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. places great importance to information security for the purpose of increasing corporate reputation through information security management system and protecting its own business continuity as well as critical and/or delicate information owned by its stakeholders. Pursuant to Information Security Management System, it adopts and accordingly manages the following issues under the scope of its specified operations.
  • To secure any information by providing accessibility, entirety and security thereof, required in our operations.
  • To ensure continuous improvement in conformity and effectiveness of the system through satisfying Information Security Management System requirements, national and international legislative regulations and statute law.
  • To help corporate personnel develop their knowledge and competences, by doing so, to have all personnel contribute in information security
  • To heighten awareness of employees, customers and third persons upon information security, thus to secure information belongs to them and its stakeholders.
  • To establish business continuity plans, make risk assessments against altering and developing information security threats and take proactive measures thereon.
  • To create adequate physical and electronic environment for the security of proprietary information and to record security violation, if any, in order to ensure timely detection, intervene and removal of any such breach.
All company employees and suppliers are obliged to act in accordance with Information Security Policy, procedure and controls, and to fulfill responsibilities assigned to them.
The top management, by updating ISMS (Information Security Management System) policy to adopt changing conditions, is obliged to ensure that this policy is familiarized, understood, completely applied at all levels within the company and that all employees will observe this policy.