"Precise Connections - since 1957"

ARSAN has been designing and manufacturing technical rubber products for various market segments since 1957 in Istanbul.

Thanks to its brilliant references, ARSAN has been one of the major players in water tightness, anti-vibration and expansion applications worldwide.

ARSAN’s strategy is focused on continuous improvement and sustainable growth. Based on an integrated production and R&D facility at 10.000 sqm. closed area which will increase up to 35.000 sqm. by end of 2019 via ongoing green field investment. 

ARSAN is using different production methods such as; “Rubber Extrusion & Splicing”, “Injection Moulding”, “Compression Moulding” and “Steel Machining” to manufacture:

  • Structural & Seismic Bearings and Expansion Joints
  • Pipe & Segment Gaskets and Various Profiles and Gaskets  in compliance with international standards and also suitable for drinking water, waste water and gas applications.

ARSAN is exporting 60% of its production through worldwide long lasting business cooperation's.



  • To create customers that are ancillary to our firm .
  • To supply benefits for the company ,employees and society.
  • To contribute the Turkish Economy and Employment .


  • To be one of the most leading  compaines which  inside and outside makes the production  in high-level and also suitable for the standarts  around the world .


  • To be  able to produce  well- trusted products  with understanding the quality by focusing on the customer’s demands.
  • Answering to the shareholder’s demans by using the effective sources.
  • To redouble and raise the power of  rival business with  continuous  redevelopment activities.
  • To fulfil the responsibilities agains environment and society.


The production of Arsan Kaucuk contains extrusion lines, compression moulding and injection moulding. Required tools for the production are made in house.


Arsan Kaucuk production plant is located at the Anatolian side in Istanbul Dudullu Industrial Area on a 9000 sqm closed area with total 175 employees. Arsan Kaucuk exports 60 % of its total production to Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark and UK with the highest quality standards. Apart from those countries, Arsan Kaucuk is exporting its highly valued products to 50 countries worldwide.

What are we doing?

  • Rubber mixing in house with 5.000 tons/year of mixing capacity
  • Mold manufacturing and metal processing in house
  • Rubber compounding in house and mixing capabilities for following compounds;
  • EPDM, NR, CR, SBR, NBR, FKM, Special compounds based on customer demand.
  • Extruding rubber profiles with gear pump for precise cross section
  • Extruding profiles from 40 to 90 Shore A with dual hardness ability - capacity per year 4.000 ton
  • Compression molding – capacity per year 3.000 ton
  • Injection molding – capacity per year 1.500 ton


  • Pipe seals for various pipe systems, GRP, Plastic, Concrete, Corrugated, Ductile…
  • Designing and manufacturing Structural and Seismic Bearings for infrastructure complying with EN1337, DIN4141, BS5400, AASHTO LRFD, EN15129 , AS5100 standards.
  • Designing and manufacturing elastomeric expansion joints & dilatation profiles for construction industry solutions with various rubber types including chloroprene (neoprene).
  • Tunnel segment gaskets
  • Rail pads
  • Rubber profiles for various industries (ex. construction, doors, marine…)
  • Rubber profiles for car park protection systems (corner guards, wall guards)
  • Innovative product developments